Participate in the life of St. Hilary's, and you will discover new treasures.


Participating in St. Hilary's


Anyone can participate in the life of St. Hilary's.  

Here is what you can do:

  • Show up.
  • Come to worship regularly.
  • Be baptized.
  • Pray.... daily.
  • Participate in an aspect of the life of St. Hilary's.
  • Support the ministry of St. Hilary's with your resources as you are able.


Supporting St. Hilary's...


We are all invited to be prayerful, intentional, sacrificial, and regular as we consider what we are able to give back to God from the first fruits of our labour.  However we participate, our particpation comes from a desire be involved in the mission of God at St. Hilary's.  Here are some compelling facts:

  • It costs around $600 a day to keep St. Hilary's operating at its present level of ministry.
  • A typical Sunday morning of Worship requires about fifty people who participate in some capicity to make it all happen.  

Here's how you might consider giving back:

  • Your Time.   While Sunday Worship requires the leadership of almost fifty people, there are many other opportunities for your partipation in fellowship, education, pastoral care, outreach, or stewardship.  There are countless ways that you can offer your skills and abilities to partipate in the mission of God at St. Hilary's.  Consider what you have a passion for; what God has gifted you with; and, where God is calling you to exercise your gifts at St. Hilary's to the glory of God.
  • “Pre-Authorized Remittance” (PAR).  This is a direct debit on the 20th of every month to support St. Hilary's.  You can change the amount at any time, and you can stop the amount at any time. PAR is an intentional way to support the cost of ministry regularly.  You don't have to worry about remembering an Offering Envelope; and, you don't have to catch up if you are away. You can also apply this donation to a major credit card. Application forms to enroll in PAR are available to download HERE; you can pick one up from the narthex (front lobby) of the church; or you can contact us directly on this website.
  • Offering Envelopes.    This is intended to be a weekly gift to St. Hilary's.    If you would like a box of weekly Offering Envelopes please let us know on the contact page.  Income Tax Receipts for all Givings are provided annually in February for the previous year.